Our Seafood Industry

New Zealand is a small, remote, natural paradise with an abundance of seafood harvested in our cool, clean waters. Meet the people that shape the industry and experience the world of New Zealand seafood; its industry, heritage and the valuable contribution it makes to our small nation.

Our people's stories

Tony Roach, inshore fisherman.

Meet Tony Roach, an inshore fisherman based in Nelson.

Capt. Chris Patrick, deepwater skipper.

Meet Captain Chris Patrick, a deepwater skipper based in Nelson. 

Jake Bartrom, marine farmer.

Meet Jake Bartrom, a marine farmer based in the Coromandel.

Geoff Laing, paua diver.

Meet Geoff Laing, a paua diver based in the Marlborough Sounds.


Johnny Burkhart, rock lobster fisherman.

Meet Johnny Burkhart, a rock lobster fisherman based in the Wairarapa.