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New addition to the Sanford fleet due

Thursday 20 October 2016

Built in 1989, the 67m San Granit is being delivered from Norway where she fished in conditions similar to New Zealand. She underwent a significant mid-life refurbishment in 2009.

Longer and wider, with more horsepower than other vessels in the Sanford fleet, San Granit takes a crew of 30-40 and will be based out of Timaru.

 San Granit will enable Sanford to diversify its product portfolio through increased processing flexibility. It can, for example, grade and process premium lines of squid down one side of the factory and bulk pack lesser preferred grades of squid down the other side with limited labour input, thus increasing the value of traditionally higher-volume, lower-value species like southern blue whiting, says Sanford CEO Volker Kuntzsch.

It also allows for inter-change between species in response to seasonalities and has been fitted out to use Precision Seafood Harvesting (PSH) that replaces traditional trawl nets to allow fish to be landed in perfect condition.

 The acquisition will create an additional 60-70 jobs for New Zealanders at sea and spin off business activity for the shore based support infrastructure.

Crew are being recruited to operate both swing shifts when it arrives. Some have been with Sanford for a considerable number of years and are transferring from existing vessels, while others new to the Sanford team have already been recruited.

 “We welcome all of the new crew to the Sanford team and look forward to the rest of the crew joining as the skippers pull together their final crew ready to start fishing in New Zealand in December,” Kuntzsch says.


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