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New health and safety publications

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Maritime NZ GM of maritime standards Sharyn Forsyth

Maritime NZ has developed two new publications aimed at increasing maritime operators’ understanding of their health and safety obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015.

The Act, which came into effect in April 2016, places new duties on everyone in the workplace. Maritime NZ is responsible for enforcing the Act in the maritime sector.

“As the regulator we have a responsibility to help operators understand their obligations, and how those obligations apply in a maritime context,’ says Maritime NZ general manager of maritime standards, Sharyn Forsyth.

“Having a boat or ship as your workplace raises some interesting questions about how to comply with the Act. These publications answer many of the questions that may be on the minds of maritime operators and their workers,” says Forsyth.

Health and Safety: A guide for mariners gives an in-depth explanation of health and safety obligations under HSWA.

The scenarios in the guide describe how four operators of different sizes and types meet their obligations.

The brochure, The Health and Safety at Work Act at a Glance, provides an overview of the new terms and duties that are important for operators to understand.

These publications, along with a series of new guidance documents are available on the Maritime NZ website or you can request a hard copy at HSWA@

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