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Fennel cured & smoked Salmon

Cooking time: 30

Cooking method: Barbeque


Curing the salmon

  • 1 NZ King salmon fillet, approx 5OO-8OOg (skin on and bones removed)
  • 1OOg flaky sea salt
  • 1OOg brown sugar
  • 1tsp fennel seeds, fresh ground in a spice grinder (alternative is ground fennel powder)
  • 1 lemon (fine zest only)

Hot smoking the salmon

  • 1OOg smoking wood chips
  • 1Og fennel Seeds




Cooking instructions

Curing the salmon

  1. Lay the salmon on a non-metal tray or plate skin-side down. Mix together the salt, sugar, ground fennel and lemon zest and spread the paste evenly over the salmon flesh.
  2. Wrap the salmon fillet with plaste in plastic food wrap, then to help the cure penetrate the salmon flesh evenly, put a board on top and weigh it down with a couple of tins. Leave for 4 hours, but every hour drain off any liquid that collects.
  3. When ready, unwrap and brush off the cure paste (give it a quick rinse if needed) & pat dry with a cloth if necessary. chill in refrigerator.

Hot smoking the salmon using a hooded bbq

  1. Pre-heat the bbq on high with the lid up for approx 5-8 minutes (depending on the bbq). The grill plate needs to be hot without retaining any heat under the hood.
  2. Place a sheet of aluminium foil down on the hot plate & sprinkle the smoking wood chips & fennel seeds over the plate. As soon as they begin to smoke heavily place your salmon on the warming rack, roll the lid down & turn off the gas, it is important at this stage to leave the lid down for at least 4-5 minutes to allow the smoke to form & flavour the salmon. Be very careful not to overcook the salmon. As soon as you see white protein leeching out of the side of the salmon it will be cooked. Remove & allow to cool quickly.
  3. Serve with your favourite pesto or mayonnaise.

Image and recipe courtesy Nurtured Seafood