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Orange Roughy with Capers, Lemon and Caramelised Butter

Chef: Darren Lovell

Serves: 4

Cooking time: 70

Cooking method: Pan-fry


1 block, unsalted butter

4 x 180g portions of orange roughy

A really good lug of olive oil

Your favourite greens, we use tender broccoli


4 slices of potato terrine

1 lemon, peeled, white pith removed, and

thinly sliced - you should have about 8 slices

125ml caramelised butter

2 tablespoons capers, drained well, and deep

fried till crispy

Chopped parsley, or if it’s summer a mix of

soft herbs.

Cooking instructions

Potato terrine

Generously butter a loaf baking tin, and line the bottom with some baking paper.

Warm the oven up to 180C. Using a mandolin or very sharp knife slice four potatoes as thinly as possible, layering them into the loaf pan and brushing with butter as you go, adding a little salt too.

Continue doing this until you have used all the potatoes. Cover with foil that has been buttered on one side and bake for around 1 hour until a skewer passes through easily.

Remove the terrine from oven and weigh the terrine down with some cans and pop into the fridge overnight. The next day remove from the fridge, turn the loaf pan onto a chopping board to remove the terrine and sliced into pieces 3cm thick. Do ahead. The terrine lasts about three days.

Caramelised butter

1. Burnt butter is a wonderful thing to have on hand and to master in the kitchen. It makes everything taste great. You need to make a large quantity at a time but it keeps and can be used on so many things, including drizzled on pancakes or in mash potato instead of straight up butter.

2. Take the block of unsalted butter and place in a clean, dry saucepan over a low heat. The butter will melt, the milk solids will sink to the bottom. Meanwhile get a metal sieve or strainer and a heat proof jug big enough to hold the butter ready at the side. The butter will start to brown and a foam will cover the top. Turn the heat off and smell it. The butter probably smells sweet.

3. Leave for a few minutes and check the aroma again. Is it smelling nutty or like ginger crunch? If not, turn the heat on again to high and heat the butter for a couple of minutes. It will froth up again. Be very careful as it is extremely hot and also be careful now not to burn the butter. Smell. As soon as it smells like toasted hazelnuts strain through the sieve into the jug. (It is very hot) Once the butter is done prepare the rest of your ingredients and have it ready to go. Of course you can make this way in advance and just melt to serve. It will keep for weeks in the fridge, as long as it is covered.

Fish and greens

4. Preheat the oven to 200C. Take a heat-proof pan and add some oil and cook the fish fillets, 2 minutes on one side before turning and popping into the oven. Don’t forget a little sprinkle of salt. Warm the caramelised butter - a microwave is fine.

5. In a pot of boiling water (or the microwave) cook your greens. After 5 minutes the fish should be done, depending on thickness. Test with a skewer, it should pass through easily. Try not to overcook the fish, although orange roughy can handle an extra minute or two.

6. Place a fillet of fish on top of the terrine, returning the now empty pan to the heat when done. Add the butter, lemon and capers to the pan, trapping up any fish bits. Cook until hot - just a few moments, add the chopped parsley then pour over the fish.