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Stories from the sector

Check out our series of webisodes about our sector; the innovative ways we are dealing with the challenges we face and the people who are helping us do it.


We’re at the heart of communities.

Meet the locals of Bluff, home to the famous Bluff oyster, and see how they make one of New Zealand’s most southern port town tick.


We’re protecting our Oceans for generations to come.

Kaikōura-based commercial pāua Diver Jason Ruawai and Laurie Beamish, fisherman and chief executive of Ngāi Tai in Maraetai explain how the industry is playing its part.


We’re fishing Smarter.

Skippers talk about the exciting new technologies being developed in New Zealand, including Precision Seafood Harvesting (PSH), a method of net trawling that is both sustainable and humane.

World Leading

How we’re leading the way.

Watch to find out more about how the seafood industry is committed to doing what’s right, and why New Zealand is internationally recognised as one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world.