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With the Fisheries Amendment Bill underway, Nyhon is concerned increasing regulations and heavy penalties will be too much for some.

Ant Smith is president of Port Chalmers Fishermen’s Co-op. When not out fishing or mentoring young skippers, he's out being active in his community.

In a lifetime of fishing, Stuart Reardon reckons he has used up about six lives.

Nelson fisherman and businessman Dom Talijancich loves his technology and has just about every sensor possible installed on his 24-meter trawler.

In 2022 Crasborn and his crew won the Innovation Champions Award at the Seabird Smart Awards in recognition of their commitment to seabird protection.

A 'leap of faith' sees fisherman’s wisdom help safeguard industry’s future.

Meet former deepsea skipper turned acclaimed maritime artist, Sean Garwood.

Chefs for Sealord and Talley's explain what it’s like being a ship's cook at Christmas.

Two-person artisanal seafood company Tora Collective, on the southern coast of the Wairarapa, won an Outstanding NZ Food Producer Award 2021.

Kate Ambler, Sealord market co-ordinator for China and the Middle East, has a remarkable career. 

Zach Aitken is a Queensland-based fisher who was featured in the very first issue of our Seafood NZ magazine, 30 years ago, at the age of 13.

The Bradley’s focus has always been on protecting the underwater forest of Aotearoa.