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Fisheries Industry Transformation Plan in brief

The Fisheries ITP is focused on the wild catch sector of the New Zealand seafood industry. It sets out the first wave of actions toward sector transformation and sits within a broader work programme to manage the environmental effects of fishing.

The plan complements the Government’s Aquaculture Strategy, which sets out a plan to sustainably grow the sector. A number of actions in the plan align with the direction of the Aquaculture Strategy and the plan is designed to work collaboratively on these shared goals.

Collaboration has underpinned the development of the plan and will be critical to its delivery. It is envisaged the Fisheries Implementation Steering Group will work collaboratively with other parties involved in sustainable marine activities that create economic value and social value, such as blue economy initiatives.

Strengthening environmental performance

  • Fishing with care and precision to support healthy ocean ecosystems
  • Utilising data to fish selectively, efficiently and to enhance the transparency of fishing activity
  • Reducing carbon footprint and improving resilience to climate change

Improving profitability and productivity

  • Increasing exports of high value seafood and bioproducts to discerning international customers
  • Improving returns and investment across the value chain

Supporting people and communities

  • Supporting people in the industry to thrive
  • Developing the workforce to grow the industry
  • Supporting communities to access local seafood and connect with fisheries

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Download a full copy of the Fisheries Industry Transformation Plan here.