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The Fisheries Act provides for a world leading ecosystem approach to fisheries management. Find out more.


The New Zealand seafood industry generates $5.2 billion in economic output annually, and employs 16,500 people.




The New Zealand seafood industry had total export earnings of close to $2.0 billion in 2020 and is currently New Zealand's seventh largest export earner


New Zealand's marine fisheries waters (Exclusive Economic Zone and territorial sea) measures 4.4 million square kilometres and is the world's fourth largest ocean territory.  Our 15,134 km long coastline is the ninth longest in the world

New Zealand's hoki 

fisheries were the first major fisheries in the world to be certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) the gold-star in certification labels, recognising sustainable seafood practices.  

Hoki, hake, ling, southern blue whiting, orange roughy, skipjack and albacore tuna are also certified

Our industry has significant Māori ownership, with approximately 27 percent of all quota by volume and value owned by Māori.  Māori also have significant investment in aquaculture and land-based processing operations, including Moana New Zealand (100 percent Māori owned) and Sealord Group Limited (50 percent Māori owned)