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Most proposed legislation relating to the seafood industry, of which there has been an awful lot lately, is pretty easy to spot.

This year, at the iconic Visa Wellington on a Plate festival, seafood will be centre stage.

The implementation of a ban on three reefs is beginning to have worrying wider impacts – most recently in the waters off the Waikato coastline.

The fishing industry has been under fire for 12 months after a claim that bottom trawling released more carbon into the ocean than all airline travel.

The Primary Production Select Committee has been hearing submissions on the Fisheries Amendment Bill.

Guest column by Nick Mason, Partner at Pitt & Moore law firm.

It has been 22 years, but NZ’s determination to lead the global push to eliminate fisheries subsidies had an outcome last week at the WTO.

Export figures show that support from MPI is paying real dividends in the dairy, meat and wool, arable, forestry, horticulture, and seafood sectors.

The 2016 earthquake was unpredictable, but the pillaging of 35 tonne of pāua within a three-month window by recreational fishers was.

New Zealand seafood will be the headline event at the biggest food festival in the Southern Hemisphere.

The New Zealand fishing industry is barely treading water as wave after wave of costs threaten to take businesses under.

The first major review of the Fisheries Act in 20 years is before Parliament.