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The Seafood Standards Council (SSC) is an official committee of Seafood New Zealand and the Ministry for Primary Industries.  Its primary focus is food safety and market access for seafood produced in New Zealand.

The SSC acts as an advisory council to industry and Government, it is a recognised technical authority in the following areas;

  • Setting standards for seafood safety
  • Specifying competence and diligence requirements
  • Identifying training requirements and facilitating the provision of training
  • Developing and negotiating strategies for access to overseas markets
  • Providing policy advice to Government and industry organisations on seafood safety

The Seafood Standards Council is made up of the following members;

  • An independent Chair
  • Seven industry representatives
  • Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) directors
  • A secretary (provided by Seafood New Zealand)
  • A Seafood New Zealand executive.

Other MPI staff and industry observers are regular attendees.  

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