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The New Zealand fishing industry is barely treading water as wave after wave of costs threaten to take businesses under.

The first major review of the Fisheries Act in 20 years is before Parliament.

Fishers will now be permitted to bring deceased dolphins into port.

Industry insistence that fishing wasn't cause of dolphin demise borne out by advice given to Oceans & Fisheries and Conservation Ministers.

Three recent scientific papers have highlighted the benefits of favouring seafood in your diet to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and be healthy.

Congratulations to Tā Tipene O'Regan for being awarded New Zealander of the Year 2022.

Seafood New Zealand would like to congratulate the winners of the biennial Seabird Smart Awards.

People love dolphins, they never fail to draw a crowd.

The UN has declared 2022 the year of artisanal fishing and aquaculture.

A small victory in Australia over plant-based products being disguised as the “real thing” following a report.

Whilst champagne corks popped, there are mutters from both ends of the world that the agreement, in discussion for two years, is not that shiny.

Climate change, not fishing, is winning the most unpopular contest to be the biggest threat to the world’s marine ecosystems.