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Yellowbelly flounder

Latin Name: Rhombosolea: R. leporina: R. tapirina: R. retiaria

Weight: 0.2–0.6kg

Length: 25–45cm


Yellowbelly flounder belong to the Pleuronectidae (righteye flounders) family.


Related species: Greenback flounder (R. tapirina) are dark green above and white below, with an oval body and a pointed snout. They are found in the Canterbury Bight and also in Southland.


Black flounder (R. retiaria) are dark green to black above with small, brick-red spots, and pale grey below with some darker spots. They have an oval shaped body that is thicker than some other flat fish. Black flounder are found mainly in estuaries and the tidal reaches of rivers.

Wild Caught